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by: Victoria Thomas, Breast Care Center Coordinator & Breast Health Navigator

Patients who find themselves needing breast care needn't feel alone or overwhelmed in seeking that care.
They will find a friend and advocate in Victoria Thomas, BSN, RN, BHN, Cape Fear Valley's new Breast Care Center Coordinator.  

As a certified Breast Health Navigator through EduCare, Victoria serves as case manager, educator and coordinator guiding her patients through the often-complex healthcare system, which includes initial consultation, testing, diagnosis, and treatment.

In doing this, Victoria also assesses the physical, psychological  and social needs of her patients and coordinates the appropriate support services.

Bust she doesn't just navigate the way for the patient.  She also extends this service to the patient's family members.  With her guidance, family members can learn how to provide care for their loved one and how to take care of themselves in the process.

According to Dr. Deon Faillace, a participating Breast Care Center physician and General Surgeon in private practice, a Breast Health Navigator is just the person you want in your corner when you're receiving breast care.

"With specialized training, the Breast Health Navigator knows how to pull strings and get the process moving faster," says Dr. Faillace.  "Patients will be able to trust that Victoria will help them through a difficult time and provide them with critical information to help them make their own decisions.

"The more patients know about breast cancer and treatment options, the less scary it becomes."

Prior to joining Cape Fear Valley Breast Care Center, Victoria served as a Breast Health Navigator and Certified Procedural Coder with Village Surgical Associates.  She earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree from the University of Florida in Gainesville, Fla.
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